Drug CategoryDrugIHD Dosing

Administration Timing Around HD Session

Antibiotics Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim Not recommended; if used, 800/160mg PO or 2.5-10mg/kg Trimethoprim IV daily Administer Post-HD

Molecular Weight    (Da)

Excreted Unchanged (%)Normal Half-Life (Hours)ESRD Half-Life (Hours)Plasma Protein Binding (%)Volume of Distribution (L/kg)Dialytic Plasma Clearance (ml/min)% Dialyzed
253/290 70/60-80 10/9-13 20-50/20-49 50/30-70 0.28-0.38/1.0-2.2 42/38  57/44 (N/A)


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